Preserving and enhancing your assets are critical to wealth creation. Stewards Africa Capital has a mission – to manage your wealth with our range of services so as to maximise every opportunity and thereby constantly benefit your financial position. By outsourcing, where necessary, to a host of carefully selected experts, analysts, and professionals, we offer a broad range of services that help us manage your financial affairs and advance your financial objectives. A consultative approach ensures we get to know our clients’ needs and design financial strategies customised to individual requirements.

Structured Finance

In a tough economic climate, traditional capital raising techniques may prove inadequate. Stewards FC uses innovation and years of structuring experience to create value-added financial solutions to meet your needs. With our structured financing services, we can arrange a combination of various capital market instruments to suit your requirements. Our extensive contacts with banks and lending institutions ensure access to a wide range of options combined with maximum flexibility.

Property Investment

Stewards FC emphasises managing your property portfolio as an investment, and focuses on activities designed to add value. Our involvement includes acquisition, financing, day-to-day management, and leasing or sale of the property, with our eye focussed constantly on changing market opportunities, economic factors, and financial developments.

Cash Management

Stewards FC invests clients’ money in a variety of high-return, cash-on-deposit products. Utilising its ‘buying power’ of pooled resources, it gives you the benefit of high interest rates characteristic of a large cash investor on much smaller amounts. Provision for maximum flexibility and cash-on-call is ensured.

Equity Trading

To achieve long-term capital growth it is widely accepted that equities are the most appropriate asset class to invest in. Stewards FC invests primarily in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. While equity investments offer potentially higher returns, they carry a higher risk and therefore require expertise and a responsible approach with a medium to long-term view.

Banking Services

Though Stewards FC is not a bank, it does offer many of the services that characterise private banking. Through various banking arrangements, Stewards FC can offer you a full range of services, including: Call Accounts Debit Cards Loan Facilities Direct Payment Facilities


Stewards FC offers its management services to a wide range of corporate and individual clients. With our extensive network of contacts, you will be surprised at just how much we can offer. Our services include: Company Administration Billing and Collection Property Management and Income Provision