“Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago” - Warren Buffett

  • Future Prospects

    We focus on companies, which generally have shown consistent, above average growth historically, and have good future prospects.
  • Running With Winners

    We believe in “watering the flowers and pulling the weeds”, in other words running with the winners and axing the poor performers.
  • Spreading Risk

    We believe in spreading risk by diversifying between 10 to 15 quality companies.
  • Stop Loss Strategy

    We believe in exercising a stop loss strategy to avoid unnecessary losses when unforeseen turns in world markets or within a particular company occur.
  • Minimising Financial Risk

    We believe in minimising financial risk by investing in equities that are relatively cheap in market terms. In other words, investing in a strong equity when it offers value by having a low price earnings ratio.
  • Technical Analysis

    We believe in using technical analysis to determine when to buy and sell equities acknowledging that trading opportunities exist as a consequence of market and share price movements. This is achieved through a disciplined and constant monitoring process.
  • Investment Strategy

    We believe in having a clearly defined investment strategy and rigidly applying it. We pay particular attention to risk management as the socio-political, economic and technological environment is rapidly changing and a pro-active approach to the management of a portfolio is essential.